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Heading to Europe for the very first time on your motorcycle can be a daunting experience.

Not only do you have to plan your route, book your accommodation and your overseas transport (ferry or tunnel). You also have to contend with a new set of road traffic laws for the countries you are visiting.

Even if you have been over to Europe on your bike, you still need to keep on top of the new laws that apply to motorcycles. Given that France, in particular, seem to change theirs on a yearly basis. This ardent search for up to date information can be a challenging experience.

Many of the European traffic laws require you to carry specific items such as first aid kits, to wear particular items such as reflective strips or modify your motorcycle, for example adjusting your headlamps for riding on the right hand side of the road.

So after searching for which items you need to take, wear or modify, one is set with the task of sourcing all these items from various different suppliers.

Continental Rider have now made this task a simple one. Their European Touring Pack contains all you will need to take to adhere to the various different European motorcycle laws during your visit.

You will still need to remember your personal documents and vehicle documents, but at least when it comes to the kit you need to be legal, this Touring Pack has it covered.

Their first time touring pack contains

  • Replacement Bulb Kit (H1,H4 or H7)

  • First Aid Kit

  • Beam Benders

  • Hi-Viz Jacket

  • Two Breathalysers

  • GB Sticker

  • Two Reflective/Hi-Viz Armbands

  • Keep Right Sticker

  • Four Reflective Helmet Stickers

  • Deer Whistle

All contained in a handy and compact zip-bag. It's light and compact and has been made for ease of packing. Measuring 26cm x 14cm x 8cm, it all weighs in at a lightweight 600g.

The first aid kit, also in it's own zip bag within the pack, contains 1 Adhesive bandage, 8 Adhesive plasters, 2 First Aid Dressings, 1 Compress for burns, Rescue sheet, Pair of scissors, First aid gloves and a First-aid-booklet. Let's hope it's not needed, but it gives some peace of mind.


If you are short of space, the items can be unpacked and slipped into any gaps you have in your panniers or tank bag. However, keeping everything in all one place makes a lot more sense.

Given that after preparing your bike with the beam benders, sticking all the stickers to your crash helmet and motorcycle, some space is then available in the pack for you to include any other small items that you want to take.

Keeping up to date

The team behind Continental Rider are keeping abreast of the changes in road traffic laws across Europe and will update their pack as and when is required. So whenever you are planning to go, Continental Rider bring you peace of mind in one simple pack. So, this year or next, why not bookmark their website and check before you set off.

Where to buy

All of the items within the touring pack can be purchased individually from their online shop, so you can replace the items that you may require or just buy what you need.

The European Touring Pack is available via the Continental Rider Online Shop, where you can also purchase all the items individually such as the Reflective Helmet Strips. They also sell Sports Cameras, Garmin Motorcycle Sat Navs and Accessories, Helmet Comms, Straps and Cargo Nets.

Delivery can usually be made within two working days, stock permitting, to UK Mainland destinations.

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