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Motorcycle Friendly Accommodation
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Canonto Lodge
There are three waterfront vacation cottages available for rent on the Canonto Lodge property. Beautifully situated on acres of land overlooking the lake.
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Address: 1086 Victory Lane, RR 2 Calabogie, Ontario K0J 1H0
Telephone: 613-570-0624

Private Parking Lot
Bike Washing Facilities
Luggage Storage Space
Laundry & Ironing Facilities
Bed linen only
Bring your own towels
Basic Toiletries Supplied



Calabogie Peaks Resort
As part of the Highlands Loops, we provide the comfort you deserve after a long day's ride. Treat yourself to the best scenery the road can offer sparkling rivers and lakes, and roads that meander town to town.
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Address: 30 Barrett Chute Road Calabogie, ON K0J 1H0
Telephone: 613-752-2720

Private Parking Lot
Luggage Storage Space
Laundry facilities available
Bed linen and towels
Basic Toiletries Supplied


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The distance from Calabogie to...
Arnprior 38 km


Burnstown 16 km
Denbirgh 65 km
Douglas 56 km
Lanark 45 km
Ottawa 102 km
Renfrew 35 km

Distances are approximate depending on route

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