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Ferry crossings

Taking a motorcycle on board a ferry is often very reasonable, many ferry operators, charge any pillion as a foot passenger, and a separate fee for bike and rider.

Travelling by ferry can be a relaxing break on your journey, you are likely to need to check in around 45 minutes prior to departure.

The motorcycle parking bays are usually at the sides of the ship. There are usually special anchoring points. You will be asked to put your bike in gear.

The loaders will likely provide foam or padding to place underneath any securing ropes. Heavy duty cargo straps or ratchet straps are generally used to secure your bike in place.

Be careful riding on and off board. If the decks are wet, they can be slippery and your motorcycle will likely be carrying a lot of extra weight. So take your time and don't feel under any pressure to get off quicker than you feel is safe to do so.

Ferry Routes
We have compiled a list of ferry ports, destinations and ferry operators to help you plan you trip. Please select your destination country from the list below to view further information.

The following countries do not have any direct ferry routes, but information has been provided on nearest ports.

This is intended as a guide only, Destinations will vary by operator and availability. Please check with port or operator for confirmation of available crossings and operating times.

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