Biker Friendly


Bike Stay is now a worldwide directory of accommodation providers able to cater for the motorcycling community.


Biker Friendly, Motorbike friendly or Motorcycle Friendly... However you put it, Biker Friendly establishments welcome motorcyclists and do not turn their nose up at a leather jacket... even if it is this seasons!


If you have ever turned up to stay overnight and been treated in a less than friendly manner, you'll understand the birth of Bike Stay.

You may also have wished that you'd know your bike would be parked on the side of the road, or wished that you'd been able to de-bug your visor or screen without feeling like an inconvenience to your hosts.


At Bike Stay all of our accommodation providers are able to provide facilities for motorcyclists.



Most important to us is where our precious bikes will be stored overnight.

Many of our accommodation providers can offer garaged motorcycle parking, or covered parking in out-buildings or under a porch type structure.

The rest can all offer private parking facilities - this means you will not have to leave your bike parked on the road overnight, many will state off road parking, this means that your bike will be parked away from the view of any main roads overnight.

Some will be able to offer bike covers or tarpaulins - and some even have tools that you can use if you experience any bike problems during your stay.

Drying facilities for wet weather gear.

Space can usually be arranged for hanging up your waterproofs or any clothing that has been caught by bad weather.


Laundry facilities

This may be offered with a surcharge, but can be very useful when you are limited to just three t-shirts on a week away.

Provision of toiletries, towels and linen
Towels and bed linen may be a given in hotels and B&B's, but for self catering holidays and hostels, being able to save storage space is a must.

Optional Bike washing facilities

At the very minimum, a bucket of water can be supplied and some suitable motorcycle cleaning detergent.

Some of our hosts offer more specialist kit like pressure washers.

Storage space for panniers

If you wish to remove soft luggage, your hosts can provide space for them.


In addition, we ask our advertisers to consider keeping some old towels or cloths handy for riders so that they may clean down their visors at the start/end of the day.


All of our accommodation providers are really keen to have you choose to stay with them.



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