Motorcycle Equipment

Tool Kit

A minimal tool kit should be taken with you.

Most motorbikes come with a kit under the seat or in a crafty storage compartment. Check before you leave that all tools are present and correct.

If you don't have a bike tool kit, get one.

Travelling more miles than you usually would on your weekend jaunts, things vibrate and may get travel weary.

Country Specific Equipment

Travel in some countries requires you to have additional equipment, such as spare lightbulbs.

France requires strips on your crash helmet. Be sure to check out our country by country guide if you are unsure as to what you need to take with you.

Motorcycle Sat Nav

GPS and mobile services can't be guaranteed reliable in all areas, and if you don't have a motorcycle sat nav, you can easily find yourself having to pull over and re-check where you are on your phone or paper map. It slows you down and can be quite frustrating (Ugh!).
Long distances, Sat Nav. Simple.

In some cases you can buy mounts to use your car sat nav on your motorcycle. They are waterproof but there is no power point to keep them charged up.




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