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 Motorcycle Tours

A guided motorcycle tour means someone else has found all the best roads for you! Which can be a great way to enjoy the best places in a new area.

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Motorcycle Tours come in three varieties.

Guided Motorcycle Tours - Ride your own
This is when a tour guide takes you on your route. Unless it is a day tour, accommodation is usually organised for you. You ride your own motorcycle or hire a motorcycle independently of the tour guide.
Tours can range from one day to two weeks.

Guided Motorcycle Tours - Bikes Supplied
Some tour operators offer motorcycle hire. This is a great way to try another bike, or to save on transportation costs or travel time. A tour guide will take you on your route and accommodation is usually included.
Tours can range from one day to two weeks.

Both types of guided motorcycle tour will usually offer support vehicles or assistance if there are any mishaps. You will usually have to make your own travel arrangements to and from the base before and after the tour has finished.
Some tours are offered all year round, you just need to book your preferred dates. Other tours are on set dates.

If you are hiring a bike from the tour operator, the size and style of bike will vary. You will need to have a valid licence for the type of bike you wish to ride.

Self-Guided Tours
This is when a pre-established route is used, sometimes a full itinerary is provided, with set stop points and accommodation along the way. Other times you will need to organise these yourself.
You can ride your own bike or hire a bike. There is no tour guide so you are free to deviate from the set route if you need or wish to.
Self guided tours are usually supplied by bike hire companies, or many can be found via the web.

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