Motorcycle Tour Registrations


If you would like to register your motorcycle touring business with us at Bike Stay, we offer three advertising options specifically for touring businesses at Bike Stay.

  • Website Link Only

  • Standard or Photo Listings

  • Banner Advertising

All directory advertising is on an annual/yearly basis. Banner advertising is subject to a minimum term of 2 months.

We accept payment by Paypal at the time of registration or via cheque or bank transfer on receipt of your invoice. Invoices will be issued after publication and must be paid within 21 days.

We accept payment in Pounds Sterling, Euro, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars and New Zealand Dollars.

We accept registrations from Motorcycle tour companies around the world, even if we do not have accommodation listed in your region, we can accommodate your business.

Please email us if you would like to register.

Standard Website link

We offer standard website links to be published in the relevant motorcycle tour pages at bike stay. We usually publish by continent and by country.

Link Only
Is just that - a link to your website, with your business name.

Standard Rate:
6.00 per annum, or two years for 10.00

Link and Description
Provides a website link and up to 100 word short description of product or service.

Standard Rate:
8.00 per annum, or two years for 12.00


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If you are a motorcycle hire company, we will list you on our hire pages within the countries and continent that you operate your tours. Please click here for details on motorcycle hire.



Standard Listings

These are placed on the relevant Motorcycle Tour Operator Pages.

You can detail up to 500 words about your services and include all of your contact details, including website links.

You will receive a position in our featured providers and a direct website link on the main touring links page.

Standard Listing Rate:

24.00 per annum (or 30 EURO)
Pre-payment Rate 20.00 (or 26 EURO)

You may also choose to add two photographs and your logo to your listing.

Photo Listing Rate:

36.00 per annum (or 45 EURO)
Pre-payment Rate 32.00 (or 40 EURO)

With a photo listing, you may include 2-3 photographs and your logo.

Please click the link below to Register for a Standard or a Photo Listing.

Register now

Pre-Payment rates apply when paying by Paypal with your registration. We can accept payment in other currencies.

Picture above shows a standard listing

Picture above shows your feature spot.

Picture above shows photo listing.

Featured Placement

Featured placement advertising, consists of feature spots that appear on the right hand bar of country and region pages.

Whilst you choose which pages you wish to appear on. Please note places are limited in some areas. We will advise you if there are no places available on your selections.

We offer two types of product placement

Image only
Image size no greater than 180 x 180 pixels.
(180 x 180, 120 x 80 or 120 x 120 sizes are popular size choices.)
Cost: 25.00 per month, initial placement.
Additional replica placements are charged at 12.50 each per month, per placement.

Image and Text
Image size no greater than 180 x 180 pixels. Up to 35 words, with a link to your website OR linked to a full page listing (see below).
Cost: 30.00 per month, initial placement.
Additional replica placements are charged at 15.00 per month, per placement.

With every product placement order, we will provide you with a standard website link in the relevant country touring pages free of charge.

Please email us if you would like to advertise with us, please include ;-

your image
your requested page(s) of advertising
your contact name
your business address
your email address
your website link

We will then let you know if we are able to accommodate your advertisement and provide you with an expected publication date.

We can accept payment in other currencies, please specify when ordering in which currency you would like to be invoiced.

Invoices are issued once your advertisement has been published on site, and are payable within 21 days.







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